Analytics Research Manager, Honeywell

The week-long training program proved to be a very valuable experience for our analytics Centre Of Excellence team. The faculties(professors from IIT-M) helped the team understand various ML techniques to its depth and appropriate usage in practical world. Overall a productive training session from Gyan Data.

Director, Ford – Global Data Insight & Analytics

The faculty at Gyan Data have deep expertise with advanced training and global experience and more importantly make every effort to ensure that students really understand the complex topics covering all data and analytics domains. The practical sessions are also led well by trained assistants who take time to ensure that sufficient attention is given to each individual. We feel that the program has added substantial value to our team member participants.

Principal Scientist, ABB Corporate Research Centre

The training went really well. We could get insights to various data analytics/machine learning algorithms in a very short duration. The training was conducted in the most professional manner and created a great interest among the candidates. The assignments were quite well designed with great support from the team. I would give 10 out of 10 to the training.

Quality Specialist, FORD

Professors and trainers are technical and functional experts. The examples and case studies helped us to acquire knowledge to meet the current industry trend.

Student, SSN college

Amazing job guys!! For someone who was originally averse to the idea of programming, this R-workshop has been an eye-opener. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet people from a variety of fields.The experience was worth the investment.

Researcher , IIT Madras

I recently attended a workshop with Gitaa. That was one of the courses I had been yearning to learn! Thank you so much for that and Iam able to use them in my process of data analysis. Iam hoping to get more such opportunities like this!

Employee, HDFC Bank Limited

Predictive analytics using python: Good and a well designed short time workshop / program. Appreciate the trainers for their patient in training us on the programing basis and a good case study. Every trainer are ensuring that every participants understands the concepts steps by step program execution, debugging the errors and getting on to the end result. All must join program for all the analysts.

Statistics Student

I have a exposure with the theoretical aspects statistics during my graduation. And I have done I applied data analytics course which was offered by Gyan Data. During the duration of course where i got to know about the application aspests of statistics. The course is a blend of theoretical aspects as well application aspects of statistics. The course was taught by IIT Professors madras where they will teach the theoritcal aspects of statistics after that gyandata prefessional would take us across application part with data sets using R programming.At the end of the course you would be able to mine information from the numbers and you can make decisions related to your domain.

Vice President – IT, FLEX

Training on Data Science was truly thought-provoking and went beyond my expectations. The discussions and lessons were quite interesting and will be useful for us to leverage in our daily work. Overall the training was well-organized, well structured and presented in a lucid manner. Look forward to attending more advanced trainings in the future.

Predictive Analytics Workshop

The class will be immediately useful in my current research, and it will be exceptionally helpful in several developmental projects I have been planning. In the end, this course saved me lots of time I would have wasted looking for the right way to implement my code.

Stella Maris College

Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning using Python

I had attended the 2-day workshop on “Predictive Analytics using Python” and the 5 weeks course “Advanced Course in Machine Learning using Python”. The workshop, as well as the course, helped me learn about the tools and algorithm used to solve problems in the vast area of data analytics and get hands-on experience in using Python for addressing the same. From teaching the basics of Python and the mathematics needed in understanding the algorithms to develop codes for solving real problems in Python, the sessions handled by trainers and the professors have been extremely engaging and beneficial.

Project Associate
IIT Madras

Great learning experience

All the courses I attended in GITAA were very interesting and rewarding. They helped me to understand the basics of the subject Data Science. It has been a truly invaluable experience for me.

Project Assosciate
IIT Madras

Data Science for beginners using R & Python

I liked the fact that the course had covered all the basics and applications for it. TA’s were helpful and was available in all requirements.
Thank you for introducing this courses.I hope this will help me in sometime of my work.

IIT Madras

Predictive Analytics – Python

Overall, very professional teaching, a well-structured curriculum that well suited for 3 days. Tutors are very helpful in solving doubts and willing to explain the concepts again and again until everyone got it clear. Training sessions are very fruitful to get exposed, adopt and execute python codes for analytics … Good job Team! , thank you !!.


Online Course -Data Analytics

One of the best training courses taken so far. Very accommodative staff of GITAA made the journey comfortable. Lectures of Prof Raghu Rengaswamy were the highlights of course, inaddition to the concepts covered for R and other aspects. Discussions with participants on the topics covered after submission/ grading of every assignment could add more punch to the course. A well structured course. Very Many Thanks GITAA for taking through the motion!

Joint Director
Indian Navy

Boot Camp

This workshop gave me a different experience and this was the one of the best workshop that I have attended till today.I thank all the three guides for their care taken for each and every individual.I will be in touch with your institution in the upcoming days too. Thank you!

B.Tech Chemical Engineering
SASTRA Deemed to be University

Amazing experience for learning at Gitaa Pvt. Ltd.

I had a wonderful experience of learning at Gitaa Pvt. Ltd. The course was a well-defined structure. The explanation to probability and statistics make me understand the topic much better than before. We had theory session followed by a practical session that has given a clear understanding about how to approach the real-time problems in a much simpler and structural fashion. I encourage people to take this course if they really want to learn Machine Learning if they have minimal information about it.

Thanking you

Pre Doctoral Felliow
IIT Madras

Had a great learning experience.

Had a great learning experience. The problem during FDP is, a single person will handle the full session usually so, we can’t able to rectify our error but from your organisation many assistant’s came and helped us with that part.My suggestion would be concentrate on the order of headings that you are going to taught and time management.

Assistant professor

About the workshop

Hi Tutors,
@ about workshop
At first, tutors make us learn the basics of python[About Python, List, Tuple, and Dictionary] and they gave some hands-on practice in python. Then we moved to a few libraries like Numpy, Pandas, and Scikit-learn which will be used for data manipulation and data cleaning(Data Science). For hands_on practice they provide some data sets in text, excel and CSV format. We applied few cleaning techniques using the above-mentioned libraries and we performed data cleaning(i.e: to read the data using read_ function, changed the columns to required data type formats, filled the blank spaces with mean or meridian values using fillna function, etc) then we represented the cleaned data pictorially by graphs [bar graph, scatter plots, histogram e.t.c] using matplotlib or seaborn library . Then we moved to the basics of machine learning concepts. In machine learning, we learned about Linear regression(Function) and Logistics regression(Classification) from supervised machine learning. We build a model i.e performed prediction and analysis on cleaned data using both linear and logistics regression.
@ Tutors
Everyone is unique, very friendly and well knowledged in concepts. Though our doubts are so silly, they cleared our doubts without any hesitation, which makes us feel very comfortable. They show interest in each and everyone and they want every one of us to be clear in our workshop concepts. Thanks to you all for all your help and guidance.

worked as a Assistant System Engineer

It was a good course.

It was a good course. The lecturers explained the concepts well. Great efforts by the team, who provided the hands-on session. They clarified all the coding doubts quickly.


Workshop Feedback

The workshop has been organised pretty well and was jam packed with interesting sessions and case studies.,only thing I would like to add is that they can have more different case studies so that the students are given a more clear and better perspective towards data analysis.

Sastra University

Intern – Deep Learning

I had done my internship at GITAA Pvt Ltd for a period of two months. It was a really nice experience to work under the experienced and dedicated personnel. During the course of the internship, I had learned many concepts by working in the fields of deep learning and data science. This internship has helped me master the core concepts on Computer Vision, Convolutional Neural Networks and Recurrent Neural Networks.

SRM University

Machine Learning using Python

The course was very useful as for my reseach. I was able to perform necessary data preparation and exploratory analyses on my medical data and offlate I have started working on Machine Learning applications on my data – all these using Python and ONLY because of the course. Also, more that jus coding, I was able to understand many logics and basics that has been useful for AI application on my Data. I would say, taking up the course was the best and timely decision that I took, that has now geared up my research process. Thank you team!

Doctoral Research Scholar
Anna University MIT Campus

Machine Learning Using Python – A Review

Machine learning was a completely new subject to me. With the help of this course and the knowledgeable and esteemed professors teaching it, I learnt many of the basic concepts of machine learning and data science. Combining it with Python helped me visually experience it as I learnt it. The case studies were helpful in understanding practical aspects of machine learning. The data preprocessing module was detailed and dealt with a lot of ways in which data cleaning could be done. I understood how gradient descent works, what are Random Forests and SVMs, the basic ideologies of Neural Networks, and I’m pleased to say that I can also implement these concepts in Python using the scikit-learn package.

I would definitely recommend this course for beginners starting out on machine learning.

I would like to thank GITAA for helping me on my journey to learn data science and machine learning.

SSN College of Engineering


There is constant support from GITAA staff. There was always a solution with your people whenever I reached for help. Very professional.

Senior Project Engineer
IIT Madras

Machine Learning

It was a great learning experience from professors and the gitaa team. I got to learn deep mathematical concepts behind various machine learning models. I learned how a data-driven problem should be solved.

MTech Chemical Engineering
IIT Gandhinagar

Thank you for giving us

Thank you for giving us such a wonderful lecture, I really enjoyed a lot with this course, I am grateful to all the teachers who taught and explained in a proficient manner.

National Institute of Technology Rourkela

ML course

The course helped me to understand the subject from basics as well as it’s depth.

Trainee-Data Scientist

ML using Python

I am Gaurav Seth, a Ph.D. scholar at IIT Bombay. The course was crisp and clear. It provides a systematic way to learn the basics of python commands and some basic ML algorithms. Also, the lectures were detailed and demo codes really helped in better understanding.
Thank You.

PhD scholar
IIT Bombay

Best value for the time, effort and money

This is a very well laid out course in the basics of machine learning and the way it can be implemented using python. The lessons are sequenced very well. The explanations are simple and lucid. The course expects a basic understanding of statistics and Linear Algebra. All the concepts are explained very well including the use of python.

Head Digital CoE

Machine Learning Algorithm Online Course

The online course on Machine Learning Algorithm using Python was a great learning opportunity. I started the course with no prior usage of Python or Machine Learning Algorithm, with now gained immense working knowledge. The video lectures were very clearly explained, crisp and to the point, without any difficulty to understand. Hands-on tutorials and all the assignments were made to understand the subject thoroughly. Every doubt was clarified and whatever that was not been able to understand was explained with clarity. The entire course has now made me gain knowledge in the area of Machine Learning Algorithm, and how to use the Python platform for Data Analytics. I thank GITAA Pvt. Ltd for providing me with this opportunity for taking up this online course.

Research Scholar

Machine Learning using Python

The learning experience was great. The course covered the basics and the hands-on video proved to be really helpful in learning the python tool. There can be more solved examples of case studies. It was a very neatly planned course.

Project Associate
Indian Institute of Technology Madras

The course was awesome

The course was awesome

Research scholar
Indian Institute of Technology MADRAS

The course was very informative

The course was very informative and learnt lot of things from basics of python ,data cleaning, statistics and ML.


A peek at being a data scientist

Considering all the learning, responsibilities and experience required for being a data scientist, the 1 hour allotted was a much appreciated session. More like a quick tour of the entire work that the experts have to deal with. For a student , it at the very least gave us a meaningful insight about what needs to be given focus or attention. Thanking everyone who played a part in delivering this session.



I had been given the amazing opportunity to intern at GITAA Pvt Ltd for the duration of two months. It was a great learning experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. Through the case studies I worked on during the internship, I gained a strong foundation on Machine Learning and Deep Learning concepts. I’m thankful to everyone on the team for their guidance and mentorship.

VIT Chennai

Interesting webinar

Very insightful and informative yet got over a little too fast.


Technology at my fingertips

The world is racing past and catching up could get more and more difficult in future . GITAA bridged the gap beautifully with an introductory webinar on Data Science . It was insightful and useful . It gave a good first hand view of this field and the prerequisites for career in data science . Hearing someone from the profession lent authenticity to the information too.



It is always good to listen to experts and scholars when it comes to unexplored emerging technology areas like Data science, AI, cyber security etc.. which is relevant to devote time especially in these days of uncertainty to understand the concepts and learn more.

Assistant professor

Really an informative session!!

Really an informative session!!


Intern – Data Science

I am eternally grateful to GITAA Pvt. Ltd for giving me an internship opportunity amidst the ongoing pandemic. It was a phenomenal learning experience to work under the guidance of experienced and dedicated personnel. This internship has helped me master the core concepts of Time Series Analysis and Machine Learning. It has trained me well to begin my professional career.

Student, College of Engineering Guindy (Anna University)

A new experience

This was my first intern. I had a really fresh perspective on the real-world case studies. They are extremely different and difficult to interpret than the ones in Kaggle or any other competing platform. I also realised the importance of consistency and documentation. It was a pleasure to explore the fields of Survival Analysis and Imbalanced Classification under your guidance. Thank you for the experience.

Freshman, BTech Mechanical Engineering
IIT Madras

Fruitful Engagement

Consultation support from GITAA was a very useful and productive engagement. Their efforts in seeing the opportunity to solve problems in machine learning way and the data centric approach was quite thought provoking and instigating. It was a journey with bunch of learnings !

Senior technical Consultant
Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions

Data Science in the Marketing Domain Course

It was a wonderful experience for the entire team and we learned a lot of insights of data science.Faculties at GITAA are very experienced with vast knowledge on their domain.Also the training staff (for practical sessions) are well experienced and supportive to solving the issues. Overall the experience was excellent and they cleared our doubts and made us very comfortable.

Senior Technical Manaer
Customer Analytics India